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"Aritudo" is an approx. 30 minute long 3d animated fantasy short film. (Design phase)

The concept for the movie was made by Janina Quakenack and Jakob Schwarz as part of their bachelor thesis in design at the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Siences, Nuremberg, Germany.

A shepherd-boy struggles through neverending deserts.

Raja, an eleven year old shepherd-boy suffers a horrible fate. When his native village rises up from the ground in form of a floating island, he misses the connection and is left behind alone in the desert. His hopeless situation forces him to wander through the desert, always chasing his home island, hoping to be able to reach it someday. Soon his hunger drives him to hunt for food. Trying to catch a rodent with his bare hands, he meets a strange creature called Asra, with whom he unintentionally comes into conflict. After Raja's and Asra's paths cross again and again, they take more interest in each other. After a short while, Raja's hunting strategies improve and impress Asra. One day when Asra saves the life of the shepherd-boy at the waterhole, Raja changes his mind about his unwanted companion and begins to see the creature differently.

Not long after, the unlikely pair team up.
From this moment forward they help each other to affront the extreme dangers in the desert. The purposive relation soon transforms into a strong friendship that becomes more and more important to Raja. As Asra one day gets hurt after a bitter fight she backs out into a pit in the ground. After she does not react to Raja anymore he thinks that he has lost her.
In deep sadness about his best friend he pays the last respect to her and lets his home island float away. Without her he does not see any reason to keep on journeying. But there is not much time to be sad, because soon he will be hunted through the desert by the huge predator "Celox".

With skill and creativity in building traps he manages to defeat the aggressive creature in a rock labyrinth, but falls down the canyon himself. Because of the deep connection to the boy, Asra awakens from her sleep and rushes to his aid.She picks up his scent and finds him unconciously floating in a salt source, deep inside the canyon. He survived the fall but he is very weak.
With loving care she pulls him on her back to carry him out of the canyon. Only at the end of the story it will be revealed to the audience that Asra's supposed death was a metamorphosis that she went through prematurely to save the boy. That is because in her new form she has wings with which she can fly him to his home island.





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